Life off the mat

The way you do anything, is the way you do everything.

The benefits of a regular yoga practice extend to life off-the-mat. I credit yoga for ​discovering my own inner strength and peace-of-mind, ​leading to greater balance in all aspects of my life.

For nearly 30 years, my first and foremost priority has ​been parenting my three daughters. In my humble opinion, parenting is the most important ​and the most difficult job in the world. Guiding my daughters from infancy into adulthood has presented me with unanticipated challenges, abundant joys, lifelong learning, and boundless love. Kara, KC and Mae are now adult women – compassionate and kind, authentic and intelligent, strong and resilient. It is an honor to be their mom.

I am blessed to share my life with Peter – my husband and partner in life. Our relationship is one of mutual love, respect, and support. From bringing me coffee in bed most mornings, to serving as both “Manager of Buildings and Grounds” and our in-house “IT organization,” to meticulous research and planning of our many hiking adventures and vacations, Peter shares his gifts and regularly gives his all. Besides this website, you can see examples of Peter’s talents and learn more about our shared adventures here.

While my career as a yoga teacher is relatively new, I also have a long-time career in accounting. What do yoga and accounting have in common? In a word, balance. ​Simply stated, in accounting, debits must equal credits​,​​ the ledger must be balanced. ​Earlier in my career, I balanced parenting and my work as an accountant, ​having been fortunate to be able to work around my daughters’ school schedules. In hindsight, unbeknownst to me, it is likely my need for balance that ultimately led me to yoga.

In addition to mother, partner and colleague, I also am daughter, sister, friend, aunt, student​, ​volunteer​ and citizen​. However, in order to give myself fully in each of these roles, it is necessary to factor in some “me” time. Airline safety instructions tell us to put on our own oxygen mask befor​e​ assisting others​,​ and this suggestion should apply when we are on the ground, as well. I personally find self-care in yoga practice, regular exercise, long walks and healthy eating. I have learned to listen to and respect my introverted qualities and need for quiet time. I am becoming better at being mindful​ – focusing my awareness on the present moment​. Mindfulness, like yoga, is a practice.