What’s in a name? Merriam-Webster defines Jeanne as “Joan of Arc” (French: Jeanne d’Arc). However, I am not French. I was named after my father, Gene (aka Eugene), with the same pronunciation. I appreciate being my dad’s namesake; it keeps him close in heart.

That heart has taken me on a life journey with abundant joys and blessings, as well as significant challenges and loss. For many years, I found respite from life stressors in a regular, vigorous exercise routine, but over time that was not enough. I began a regular yoga practice in 2008. I did not yet understand the “how and why,” but I knew yoga was making a difference. I was better able to manage life challenges and stress. After many years of practice in a variety of studios and styles of yoga, I enrolled in yoga teacher training with the hopes of deepening my practice. Here I learned the meaning of yoga – “to still the fluctuations of the mind.” Yoga is more than exercise. Yoga encourages us to strive for mind-body balance and well-being. My regular yoga practice has carried over to life off the mat, reminding me to just be, to breathe, to respect and honor all beings, to remain humble, to let go.

I founded Humble Hearts Yoga as a way of sharing the bountiful benefits of yoga with others. And so, here I am – a humble heart. It would be my honor to lead you in yoga practice.