“Jeanne is an attentive and patient yoga instructor. In the classes I witnessed, the participants were largely beginners just getting introduced to the yoga practice. Jeanne was able to tailor her instruction to create a warm, supportive and welcoming atmosphere for the women. She made sure to offer alternatives to poses so that every participant could find something that suited their fitness level and always took the time to answer questions and address the unique needs of each individual. Jeanne did a great job making yoga accessible and fun for everyone!” Diane​ Q, Dorchester, MA​

“Jeanne’s yoga classes have added a relaxing touch to our Friday mornings. I am grateful for her patience and welcoming demeanor. She is attentive to everyone’s needs.” – Olga U, Newton, MA

“Jeanne is amazing! Firm yet gentle, she is a skillful and thoughtful professional who obviously cares deeply about ensuring a comfortable and enriching yoga experience for her class. ​She easily leads you from one ​phase​ to the next all the while- explaining, deepening and strengthening the ​practice​. I look forward to many more classes under Jeanne’s guidance and expertise.” ​Carole N, Newton, MA

“Jeanne provides a relaxing yoga experience where I feel all the tension in my muscles melt away.” Drew B, Newton, MA