Heart Rocks

If you were to take a walk in and around my home, you might notice that I am a collector. In the garden, next to the entryway, on windowsills, shelves and the tops of bureaus, and vases – you will see scores of rocks – to be specific heart rocks.

I was not always a collector of heart rocks. It all began in 2005. Most simply stated, I experienced a time when, to quote Green Day, “time grabs you by the wrist directs you where to go.” Tom, my beloved husband of nearly 20 years – the father of my three daughters, my partner in life – passed away unexpectedly. It is said that grief is the price you pay for love. And oh how I did, and do, love.

Back to 2005 – I have always found great solace, comfort and peace in long walks on the beach. One winter’s day, shortly after Tom’s passing, I was walking along Nauset Light Beach on Cape Cod with a long-time friend and her teenage daughter, who I noticed pick something up from the windblown sand before speaking with her mom. A minute later, she presented me with what was to become the first in my collection of heart rocks – a heart shaped rock with a distinctive crack through it. It was a perfect representation of how I felt at the time.

Thus began my heart rock collection. I began to discover heart rocks on walks and hikes. Over the years, family and friends have made contributions. Rocks have come from Cape Cod, my Connecticut hometown, the North Fork of Long Island, and hiking adventures – around the U.S. and abroad. Each heart rock is unique in shape and size, color and form – and each is a simple representation of love.

With this symbol in mind, I have established Humble Hearts Yoga. Regular yoga practice allows me to be present, still the mind, and keep an open heart. It is my intention to share yoga with others – regardless of shape and size, color and form – in a practice that inspires.

Stay humble. Be kind. Love.

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